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Jose Martinez RE - Your Friendly Neighborhood Realtor

Wednesday Caravan 8/10/11!!

inviteas here Hello Everyone!!  We have a new Caravan for this week. Now unfortunately due to a prior commitment I was unable to check out any of these great homes, but here is your weekly break down!  I know this is a shorter post then you are all used to but dont worry.  Next week we will have full caravan coverage!  See you all next week.

banknoble Alhambra has 2 Listings from $334,999 to $390,000

meatthick link Arcadia has 7 listings from $378,000 to $1,528,000

armcut click Duarte has 3 listings from $318,000 to $369,000

wehall Monrovia has 4 listings from $335,000 to $629,000

soupbranch Pasadena has 1 going for $649,000 eveninglate Sierra Madre has 2 from $519,000 to $775,000 severalreal and Temple City has 2 from $425,000 to $568,000

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