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Hello and Welcome!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new and improved   For those of you who are new to this site let me take a brief moment to explain what we’re all about.  My goal is to make this website more then just numbers and listings.  I want people to come here and read about what it is like to live in Southern California, own a home, sell a home and how the Real Estate industry affects the world we live in.  Now obviously as a Realtor it is my job to help you buy or sell your home, but as you can see, I want this site to be about more then just that.  I want people to ask questions, start discussions and really think about what home ownership means to them.


Now, even though this web site is brand new and re-designed I will be constantly looking for things we can improve.  Get ready for a living web site that will be updated with new listings, info and blog posts as well as your ideas and questions.  We are at the beginning of something brand new and exciting here so Stay tuned!


Your Friendly Neighborhood Realtor


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