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Do you live in a “walkable” neighborhood? Part 1

So some of you may have noticed that I was gone last week.  Last week I went down to San Diego for the Annual Comic Con International (I know I know but what can I say, Im a geek) and you know what we did, walk…..a lot.  Now this is nothing new.  My girlfriend and I have spent nights in LA walking from different shops and restaurants just exploring the city.  In fact some of our very good friends love living in areas like that for that very reason.  Just to be albe to leave your house and walk to the store or to grab a bite to eat is a major selling point.  Thats what caught my eye about this recent article. The 5 most and least walkable neighborhoods in LA.  How important is “walkability” to you?  Let me know and in the mean time im going to start walking some neighborhoods I find walkable.  Lets see what we can find hoofing it.

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