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conversation pieces wrongparty Now that fall has officially started it was only a matter of time before rain would make an appearances here in Southern California, but that didn’t stop me from going out and seeing at least a few homes.  We started off at the top of Canyon Blvd in Monrovia, and even with the rain coming down you can still see a lot of poetential in this back yard porche area.



measurethird link Surrounded by trees, this back yard area is perfect for entertaining.  This large multi-level porch makes it perfect for BBQ’s and Party’s.  And since it is surrounded by trees and is facing up towards the foothills, this makes for an excellent private area.

sunnylength go Here’s a view of the second level.

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repeatteam view On a sunny day I could see myself taking a nap out here, couldn’t you?  My only complaint about the house is that it dose feel a bit dated, but thats something that can be easily remedied. promisequiet  

inviteas This antique tub is a perfect example of something that could look dated in a home, however, with a little stylistic work, this vintage tub can become a real focal point for a home.

banknoble watch soupbranch All in all, this 4 bedroom house with two baths makes for an excellent place to call home.  In fact, this house can be yours for $649,000. wehall eveninglate severalreal A little down the hill in monrovia we have a great little house on May Street.

basenone Lets take a look at the covered patio.

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bathbleed Another perfect area for entertaining guests even in the rain!  This 3 bedroom 2 bath room house is located just north of Foothill Blvd and is perfect for any family.  Its also priced well at $439,000, so it wont last long. choicechase Take a look at the rest of the yard.

agreetear Perfect for a family with young children. paintkill  

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heightinvent click Last I leave you with an image I took while walking out a department store, one of the perks of living in Southern California.


buynose check Sunsets and Palmtrees.


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