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Going the Distance

Real Estate is a tuff business.  We REALTOR’s have to find a way to separate our selves from the competition, make our selves more noticeable.  This is very important when you have a listing.  You want to make sure that people come by your open house and when they leave you want to make sure your house is the one they remember.  Any good agent will go the distance to make their listings memorable, thats just part of the business, but how far is to far?  Some people use food to draw in agents and buyers, some use botox and thai massage as incentive.  Take a look at this article from the LA Weekly.  Last weeks open house for an $8.5 million dollar mansion had poolside thai massage girls, Botox giveaways, a food truck and even Audis for you to test drive.  Is this going to far?  Is this appropriate since we are in the middle of a recession?   LA Weekly seemed to think this was pretty ridiculous and I cant say I disagree but what do you guys think?  Let me know!  Id love to hear from you guys.


Your Friendly Neighborhood REALTOR

Jose Martinez

Caravan 8/31/2011

Alright it’s time yet again, for a new Caravan blog.  Let’s begin with my Apologies for the lack of updates last week.  I am currently brain storming and trying to come up with new ways to present this information so as not to seem formulaic and boring, which brings me to today’s blog post.  In the past several weeks I have been giving you Caravan blogs that are basically just numbers and cities.  It got a point across but was’nt all that interesting.  So this week let’s try something new.  I am going to pick 3 houses that were on Caravan and give a short explanation on them.  So without further adieu here are 3 homes that were on caravan this week with the Arcadia Association of REALTORS.

822 N Olive in Alhambra 

This 3 Bedroom Bungalow is right off Atlantic Blvd.  It’s a great little craftsmen style home below Huntington Blvd.  I don’t see very many homes from Alhambra on our Arcadia Caravan so this one kinda stuck out for me.  I love Craftsmen style homes and this one has character is spades.  Check out the link above to get some info or just drop me a line.  Currently Listed at $525,000.

886 Fallen Leaf Road in Arcadia

Coming in on the high end for this weeks caravan, Fallen Leaf is a giant property with the home coming in at over 5,000 square feet and the lot itself coming in at over 34,000 square feet!  Complete with Pool and Tennis Courts, this 4 Bedroom house is just waiting for the right buyer.  Located in North Arcadia this home is currently listed at $2,498,000.

53 North Oak Ave #6 in Pasadena 

Ending this weeks Caravan with a Condo, 53 North Oak is a 3 Bedroom 3 Bath condo with style.  Looking like something you would see in an episode of Entourage, this  1,600 square foot home is perfect for working professionals who want to live the high life.  With a rooftop terrace and Tuscan garden out front it would be hard to not love this place.


There you have it.  If you would like a complete run down of this weeks caravan, email at or click the Contact Me button at the top of the page.

Ohh and one last thing, let me know how you like the new format.  Your input is always welcome!!!


Your Friendly Neighborhood REALTOR

Jose Martinez

Caravan for August 17th 2011!

Hello everyone!  Another week another caravan!  Check out this weeks breakdown of homes for sale in the San Gabriel Valley!


Alhambra has one on for $698,000

Arcadia coming in with 11 listings ranging from $480,000 to $2,588,000

Duarte had one on for $425,ooo

El Monte Has a new listings up for $558,000

Monrovia coming in with five listings ranging from $300,000 all the way up to $1,299,000

Monterey Park has a new one listed at $593,000

San Gabriel has one for $478,000

San Marino has three for you big spenders starting from $2,388,000 to $3,150,000

Sierra Madre has three listed from $799,000 to $1,275,000

South Pasadena has one up for $1,180,000

and finally Temple City has 2 going from $818,000 to $1,290,000

Well thats it for the breakdown this week.  Next week I will be trying a new format so stay tuned!

Your Friend Neighborhood REALTOR

Jose Martinez


Wednesday Caravan 8/10/11!!

Hello Everyone!!  We have a new Caravan for this week. Now unfortunately due to a prior commitment I was unable to check out any of these great homes, but here is your weekly break down!  I know this is a shorter post then you are all used to but dont worry.  Next week we will have full caravan coverage!  See you all next week.

Alhambra has 2 Listings from $334,999 to $390,000

Arcadia has 7 listings from $378,000 to $1,528,000

Duarte has 3 listings from $318,000 to $369,000

Monrovia has 4 listings from $335,000 to $629,000

Pasadena has 1 going for $649,000

Sierra Madre has 2 from $519,000 to $775,000

and Temple City has 2 from $425,000 to $568,000

Caravan for August 3 2011!

Sorry for being late on this one guys but my week got pretty busy.  This Wednesdays caravan went off without a hitch and also featured yours truly pitching my listings in Duarte, Whats that mean?  Ill tell you!  Basically every home thats on caravan for the week gets a short sales pitch.  We get up in front of the room and start talking about our listing.  This is a great way to learn about a listing because often times the agents will go into details that maybe aren’t on the listing sheet.  A good pitch can get an agent interested enough to go view the property in person and as you probably know, the more people see a property, the more likely it is to sell.  Without further adieu here is your weekly breakdown and after Ill share some pics of my listing in Duarte.

Arcadia had 12 listings ranging from $428,000 to $4,288,000

Duarte had one AMAZING LISTING for $259,000

Glendora had one at $1,075,000

La Canada had one at $1,648,000

Monrovia had 8 listings from $248,000 to $644,900

Pasadena had 2 from $489,000 to $4,888,880

San Gabrial had 1 for $598,000

Sierra Madre had 5 from $625,000 to $1,180,000

Temple City had 2 from $498,000 to $628,000

and Walnut had 1 for $535,000

Last but not leaset here are a few photos of my listing in Duarte.  Check it out

Your Friendly Neighborhood REALTOR

Jose Martinez


Caravan for July 27 2011

Another Week Another Breakdown!  This week we saw a new high dollar listing in Arcadia.  A few great homes in the hills of Monrovia and even a couple out in Pasadena.  Heres the Break down.

9 Homes in Arcadia ranging from $528,000 to $6,680,000

1 Home in El Monte going for $330,000

2 Homes in Monrovia from $535,000 to $565,000

4 Homes in Pasadena ranging from $400,000 to $1,399,000

1 Home in San Gabriel listed at $1,038,888

1 Home in San Marino listed at $1,625,000

2 Homes In Sierra Madre ranging from $285,00 to $479,000

and 3 Homes in Temple City going from $578,000 to $735,000.


Not a bad selection of new homes on the market.  Before we go lets take a look at some of the homes we have here in Monrovia.


Caravan for July 14th 2011

Its another week another caravan meeting!  Unfortunately I was unable to attend the meeting in the morning due to a client appointment (its always good to be busy) but here is a break down like last week and a couple of the homes featured on the caravan.  Oh and sorry for getting it up a day late.

This week we had 33 homes on Caravan.

8 in Arcadia ranging from $568,000 to $2,280,000

1 in Bradbury listed at $608,800

1 in El Monte listed at $498,000

1 In Glendale listed at $319,900

5 in Monrovia ranging from $425,000 to $1,249,000

1 in Monterey Park listed at $499,000

4 in Pasadena ranging from $350,000 to $960,000

2 in Rosemead  ranging from $299,000 to $438,000

5 in San Gabriel ranging from $399,000 to $828,000

1 in San Marino listed at $1,110,000

1 in Sierra Madre listed at $539,000

and 3 in Temple City ranging from $528,888 to $1,238,000

Looks like we have some high dollar homes out there this week.  That seems to be one of the nice things about Southern California, home prices seem to be stabilizing.  As always if you have any questions about any listings here in So. Cal contact me today!  Lets take a look at some of these homes.  Let me know which ones you like best.


Now last but not leaset I want to let you guys all know that I wont be around next Wednesday will be only numbers since I wont be in town.  Have a great week!


Your Friendly Neighborhood REALTOR

Jose Martinez

Caravan Meetings

Hello Everyone!  Today I’d like to start a new tradition, The Wednesday Caravan!

Have you ever wondered how Realtor’s know about listings in the area?   It’s a little secret i’d like to share with you called Caravaning!  Most Realtor’s are members of an association which has weekly caravan meetings.  For us here in Monrovia, we are members of the Arcadia Association of Realtor’s, and every Wednesday morning we meet to see all the new listings.  This is where  Realtor’s go to share listings and let the other agents know what’s for sale.  It is a way for many Realtor’s in the area to meet, learn about new listings, and stay on top of what is hot in the market. It is also a great way for us to get the inside info for our clients, and I want to share some of this info with you.

So, from now on after Wednesday Caravan’s I would love to share with you a little bit about what is going on in the area so you guys can get an idea of what the markets doing.  With that said, Lets begin.


This week we saw 24 homes on caravan.

1 in Alhambra

10 in Arcadia

4 in Monrovia

1 in Pasadena

1 in Rosemead

1 in San Gabriel

4 in Sierra Madre

and 2 in Temple City

Arcadia a hot market right now with multiple homes that have prices ranging from $399,000 to $1,590,000.


Monrovia and Sierra Madre both have 4 new homes listend,  In Monrovia, there are homes ranging from $235,000 to $735,000, and Sierra Madre has lsitings ranging from $195,000 to $799,000.   The featured listing in Alhambra is going for $788,888,  and Pasadena’s featured listing is $398,000.  A little further south, there was a lovely listing in Rosemead, going for $558,000, San Gabriel was listed at $538,000 and last but not leaset Temple City had 2 homes from $695,000 to $749,000.

Should you ever feel like looking at any of these listings, feel free to give me a call, and I would love to set up a time to show you one of our newest listings.


Before we say goodbye, let’s enjoy summer with a few pictures of pools from around the SGV.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Realtor

Jose Martinez

Modern or Traditional

If you like Jose Martinez RE on face book then you may have seen my recent post about Hip Modern Sinks (if you dont I invite you to like it on the home page).  In continuing with that theme I want to ask you guys about a recent article I saw on  Check it out here.  The Rose House is a perfect example of a sleek modern home, complete with green features and new styling.  What do you guys think?  Love it? Hate it?  Are you traditional? Modern?  What side do you fall on?  Personally I’m a fan.  I could see myself waking up in a home like this, which is important.  You have to be able to see yourself coming home from a long day at work and feeling relief when you see your home.  Too often we look at houses as products for us to buy and sell, which is important especially for a guy like me (I am a Realtor after all) but it’s also important to think about houses as homes.  A place for you to live, work and play.  So what do you think?  Could you have a Christmas in a house like the Rose House?  Let me know.


PS.  In Case you missed it, here’s the modern sink.











What do you think?

Your Friendly Neighborhood Realtor.

Jose Martinez

Is this your style?

Check out this weeks “home of the week” on Inman news.  Its described as a Mid Century Modern lake house located in New York.  Now I know most of you dont want to think about leaving wonderful Southern California but could you see yourselves living it up in a lake house.  Let me know.  Check out the full article on Here.