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Caravan Meetings

Hello Everyone!  Today I’d like to start a new tradition, The Wednesday Caravan!

Have you ever wondered how Realtor’s know about listings in the area?   It’s a little secret i’d like to share with you called Caravaning!  Most Realtor’s are members of an association which has weekly caravan meetings.  For us here in Monrovia, we are members of the Arcadia Association of Realtor’s, and every Wednesday morning we meet to see all the new listings.  This is where  Realtor’s go to share listings and let the other agents know what’s for sale.  It is a way for many Realtor’s in the area to meet, learn about new listings, and stay on top of what is hot in the market. It is also a great way for us to get the inside info for our clients, and I want to share some of this info with you.

So, from now on after Wednesday Caravan’s I would love to share with you a little bit about what is going on in the area so you guys can get an idea of what the markets doing.  With that said, Lets begin.


This week we saw 24 homes on caravan.

1 in Alhambra

10 in Arcadia

4 in Monrovia

1 in Pasadena

1 in Rosemead

1 in San Gabriel

4 in Sierra Madre

and 2 in Temple City

Arcadia a hot market right now with multiple homes that have prices ranging from $399,000 to $1,590,000.


Monrovia and Sierra Madre both have 4 new homes listend,  In Monrovia, there are homes ranging from $235,000 to $735,000, and Sierra Madre has lsitings ranging from $195,000 to $799,000.   The featured listing in Alhambra is going for $788,888,  and Pasadena’s featured listing is $398,000.  A little further south, there was a lovely listing in Rosemead, going for $558,000, San Gabriel was listed at $538,000 and last but not leaset Temple City had 2 homes from $695,000 to $749,000.

Should you ever feel like looking at any of these listings, feel free to give me a call, and I would love to set up a time to show you one of our newest listings.


Before we say goodbye, let’s enjoy summer with a few pictures of pools from around the SGV.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Realtor

Jose Martinez

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