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Jose Martinez RE - Your Friendly Neighborhood Realtor

Caravan for August 3 2011!

Sorry for being late on this one guys but my week got pretty busy.  This Wednesdays caravan went off without a hitch and also featured yours truly pitching my listings in Duarte, Whats that mean?  Ill tell you!  Basically every home thats on caravan for the week gets a short sales pitch.  We get up in front of the room and start talking about our listing.  This is a great way to learn about a listing because often times the agents will go into details that maybe aren’t on the listing sheet.  A good pitch can get an agent interested enough to go view the property in person and as you probably know, the more people see a property, the more likely it is to sell.  Without further adieu here is your weekly breakdown and after Ill share some pics of my listing in Duarte.

Arcadia had 12 listings ranging from $428,000 to $4,288,000

Duarte had one AMAZING LISTING for $259,000

Glendora had one at $1,075,000

La Canada had one at $1,648,000

Monrovia had 8 listings from $248,000 to $644,900

Pasadena had 2 from $489,000 to $4,888,880

San Gabrial had 1 for $598,000

Sierra Madre had 5 from $625,000 to $1,180,000

Temple City had 2 from $498,000 to $628,000

and Walnut had 1 for $535,000

Last but not leaset here are a few photos of my listing in Duarte.  Check it out

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