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Buying Real Estate is a unique experience for everyone.  You may be a first time buyer, looking for a something you and your family can call home.   Perhaps you are looking for an investment property to rent, or the home you have now simply does not fit your needs any longer.  For all these reasons and more, working with the right agent is crucial.  As a Realtor it is my job to find you the ideal home that meets all your needs.


Here are a few steps to help you prepare for the home buying process.


Time line.

Make a time line of how soon you want to move.

Remember Real Estate transactions take time, take into account some of the following before deciding how fast to move.

Work Schedule.

Buying a home is an involved process, so make sure you can make yourself available when needed.

Your Children's School Schedule.

Most families chose to move during the summer so as not to disrupt their child’s school schedule.  Take this into account when coming up with a time frame.


Get your finances in order.

Once you have decided to buy, you need to figure out what you can afford, here are a few tips to help get you started:

Talk to a Mortgage Broker.

Most people don't have the money to buy a home with all cash, and require a loan.  To do this, you must speak to a lender.  If you don't have anyone in mind, I have a wealth of recourses and can get you in contact with the right person who will get you the best deal possible.  A lender can truly help in a variety of ways, and most importantly, having someone there to help you go over your finances is crucial to a sense of security.

Save everything!

Loan documents, Pre Approval Letters, FICO scores, its all important so make a folder and keep it all together.

Wants vs. Needs.

Separate your Wants and Needs.

Take some time to dream a little, but remember not to go over board.  Here are a few basic examples:


You need a yard if you have a dog.  You may have kids who are old enough to need their own room.  If you cook a lot you may need a big kitchen.


You may want a swimming pool but dont need the upkeep.  You want a 3 car garage but only need 1 space.  You want a private office but really need another bedroom.

Being realistic and separating your needs and wants will ground you while looking at homes, and help you stay within your means.  However, keeping your want's in mind will make the process fun and exciting, allowing you to pick the features of a house that will allow you enjoy the home that you will love to live in.

Select your area.

Select the area you want to live in.

Information is the name of the game when picking an area to buy.  I can keep you up to date with current neighborhood trends, information on schools and surrounding areas, and most importantly price.

Keep an eye on whats sold.

Remember there is a difference between what a home is listed for and what a home sells for, contact me to find what home prices are doing in your area.

Learn the basics.

After selecting an area, I will provide you with all the basic information that will help you make the right decision in where to buy.  Here are just a few examples of what information I will provide you with:  what school district does this area fall under, and how good of a school district is it,  what notable locations are around the area, or what are the future projections for the neighborhood.


Get out and look!

Time to find the perfect home.

From browsing the listings to setting up viewings, this is one of the most exciting parts of the home buying processes.

Brows the right listings.

From personalized searches to programs that allow you to search on your own, I have a variety of ways to find you the right home for you.  Contact me to receive free listings.

Actual viewings.

No picture in the world can tell you how a home feels, and I pride myself on being available to show you homes on your schedule. This way you can walk into the home and visualize yourself in it, when it is most convenient  for you.

Make an offer.

Timing is everything.

Next to location, location, location, this is a cardinal rule in Real Estate.  If you see a property you like, do not hesitate to make an offer.  Remember that if you don't make an offer, someone else will.  It is my job to protect you during this process so rest assured that if I feel something is just not right with a home or  deal, I will let you know.

Writing the strongest offer possible.

When it comes time to write an offer, I will help you make the strongest offer possible.  I will work hard to negotiate with the listing agent to make sure you are most likely to have your offer accepted.

Contact me.

Click the "Contact Jose" tab at the top of the screen to send me a message.

If you have any questions regarding any of these steps or if you would like a more in depth guide to buying a home just drop me a line at

Remember I am never too busy for any of your questions!


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